Confidence & Low Self-Esteem

When we have low self-esteem, we generally experience a negative perception of our own worth. Meaning that we don’t think very well of ourselves. Low self-esteem can be attributed to a variety of things, including our sense of identity, levels of confidence, perception of our competence, and our sense of belonging.

Self-esteem is more than just feeling generally positive about ourselves; it also involves believing that we are deserving of affection and placing value on our own ideas, feelings, beliefs and goals. It may also influence how we let other people treat us.

Self-esteem affects not only how we feel about and treat ourselves, but it can also have an impact on how driven we are to pursue our goals in life and how well we are able to form supportive, healthy relationships. Low self-esteem can be a very serious issue because it is crucial to many different aspects of life.

When we have poor self-esteem, we tend to have negative thoughts frequently, pass judgment on ourselves, and lack confidence in our talents.

Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we can engage your subconscious mind to enable you to realise your value & self-worth and build a deep sense of confidence and self-esteem.

By reducing feelings of anxiety and depression and assessing your strengths more clearly whilst gently challenging any negative beliefs you may hold about yourself, we can get the real you back.

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