Insomnia & Sleep Problems

Did you know that Insomnia affects a third of the UK population? With potential causes ranging from lifestyle factors and physical health conditions to sleep environment.

It’s astounding to realise that so many people suffer from sleep problems and disturbances, isn’t it?

Do you often have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Are you frequently plagued by insomnia that leaves you feeling drained, unmotivated, and irritable? If so, please be reassured you are not alone.

Persistent or high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression can often be underlying factors of insomnia, and this can affect our relationships, concentration, motivation and tolerance, which can result in us being tearful, frustrated, and exhausted. Can you relate to this?

This is where I can help you. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful option for helping to combat insomnia and get the real you back. I offer an initial consultation where I will explain how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help reduce your anxiety and stress levels, leading to improved sleep patterns and also educate you on how the brain works in relation to sleep issues, so that you can understand on a deeper level your own inner workings and how together we can work towards combating insomnia. To aid in this process, you will also receive a free relaxation audio containing calming music and guided visualisations designed to promote relaxation and a restful night’s sleep. If you’re experiencing persistent difficulties in getting to sleep or suffer from disturbed sleep patterns, lack of sleep, or frequent awakenings at night, hypnotherapy could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

If you’d like my help or like to find out more, please contact me at 07958 711622 or [email protected] or complete the form below by clicking the link to arrange a free initial consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is very effective however, results may vary, and success is not guaranteed. The treatment requires your willingness and commitment to bring about the changes.

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